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Nom d'artiste:: Dak Ramsey
Anniversaire:: 1978
Profession: Porn Star
Pays d'origine: California, USA
Origine ethnique: Caucasian - American
Couleur des yeux: Brown
Couleur de cheveux: Brown
Taille: 173
Poids: 75
Pénis: 19 cm Non circoncis
Pilosité: Hairy
Tatouages: ed Sex Machine Fuck And Get Fucked In These Free Porn Videos!" />
Piercings: No
Physique: Muscular
Rôle sexuel: Les deux
Supplémentaire: Dak Ramsey was born in 1978 in California, USA. He has golden brown eyes and brown hair. He is an amateur gay pornographic actor. He plays football, is a body-builder, and is turned on immensely by body-to-body contact. Dak Ramsey started his acting career in 2006. He lost his Virginity at the age 16. His orientation is bisexual and his favourite position is doggy.
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