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Nom d'artiste:: Ludovic Canot
Profession: Porn Star
Origine ethnique: Caucasian - European
Couleur des yeux: Brown
Couleur de cheveux: Brown
Pénis: Circoncis
Pilosité: Some hair
Physique: Toned
Rôle sexuel: Les deux
Supplémentaire: Gorgeous French pornstar Ludovic Canot has been turning on porn fans on both sides of the Atlantic from 2007 on. At 23, the toned brown haired, dark eyed star started working with both European and American studios, such as Bel Ami, Hot House, Suite 703, Lucas Entertainment, Men at Play, among others. Ludovic is 5’10” and has a delicious 8-inch uncut cock. In films, he is versatile, though he mostly bottoms. In 2011, Ludovic Canot retired from porn, but he’s promised that his fans will still hear from him.
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