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Nom d'artiste:: Steven Daigle
Profession: Porn Star
Origine ethnique: Caucasian - American
Couleur des yeux: Blue
Couleur de cheveux: Brown
Pénis: Circoncis
Pilosité: Smooth
Physique: Toned
Rôle sexuel: Les deux
Supplémentaire: Handsome Steven Daigle found fame on TV as one of the stars of series 10 of the reality show Big Brother - but then he found notoriety by switching to gay porn. The Dallas-based stud made his first porno for director Chi Chi LaRue and her Channel 1 studio - and met the director for the first time at the Big Brother wrap party. Steven is also a cowboy - he was riding a bull from the age of 21 and became a hit on the gay rodeo circuit. Although he loves watching porn, he actually says making it is "very sterile, uncomfortable and non-sexual". Despite that, you'll see him topping and bottoming in his movies - although he prefers to top in private. Late in 2010 he was arrested after allegedly beating his boyfriend, fellow porn star Trent Locke. Before porn Steven (who was born in May 1973) worked as a geographic consultant after studying at Sam Houston State University and University of North Texas to earn his bachelor degree in General Agriculture/Marketing and his masters in Applied Geography.
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