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Nom d'artiste:: Tony Capucci
Profession: Porn Star
Origine ethnique: Caucasian - American
Couleur des yeux: Brown
Couleur de cheveux: Black
Pénis: Circoncis
Pilosité: Smooth
Physique: Toned
Rôle sexuel: Dominant
Supplémentaire: Italian looks helped gay for pay performer Tony Capucci hit the big time as a Falcon exclusive in 2008, although he'd previously appeared on a number of porno websites both straight and gay - notably for Jake Cruise. Tony comes from Brooklyn in New York and was a student at a private Christian school before going into porn in his early 20s. His dick is 7-inches cut, he stands about 5ft 11ins tall and he has brown hair and eyes. He was chosen along with Tyler Saint to appear in Sacha Baron-Cohen's film Bruno and says his idea of happiness is being on a golf course with a 9am tee time!
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